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  • Vocal Technique

  • Roman Missal Deacon Chants

    • Penitential Act

    • Kyrie

    • Introduction to the Readings

    • Sign of Peace

    • Solemn Blessing

  • Basic Musical Notation, or an elective from the list below


Elective Seminars

(seminars are self-guided and prerecorded, and can be purchased for $90 each)

  • Basic Musical Notation I - Rhythmic values (whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second, and various dotted notes), pitch identification (treble and bass clefs)

  • Basic Musical Notation II - Simple and compound time signatures, rhythmic patterns, sharps/flats/naturals

  • Chant Basics - Fundamentals of reading and singing Gregorian chant.

  • Gregorian Modes - Learn how to identify and utilize the church modes in Gregorian chant.

  • Church Documents Pertaining to Sacred Music - Explore the Church's official guidance on sacred music through texts including the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Sing to the Lord, Tra le sollecitudini, and more.

Chanting the Mass Basics Self-Guided

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