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Gregorian Chant for Beginners

For centuries, Gregorian Chant was the principal music of the Roman Catholic liturgy, but many parish musicians and clergy have little familiarity or experience with it today.  However, The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM 41) states that “Gregorian chant holds pride of place because it is proper to the Roman Liturgy” and it is now enjoying a revival in many parishes.  This course is designed for novices in singing and reading chant; it will introduce students to the historical and musical significance of Gregorian Chant, describe its function in the liturgy, explore modes and neumes, and discuss resources and strategies for implementing chant in parishes which are unaccustomed to its use.  The course will include both prerecorded lectures and live discussion/practice sessions.

Taught by Emily Lapisardi, William Mahrt, and Jason Keefer

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