Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do the classes/lessons cost?

Each ten-week online course (such as History of Sacred Music, Gregorian Chant I, etc.) is $850.  A semester of private lessons includes fifteen 50-minute lessons; rates vary by instructor.  Some courses do require prerequisite experience or education.

 2. How long are the classes?

Group classes are ten weeks in length.  Each week, students receive a lecture of approximately one hour in length and many classes also include online interaction between students and faculty including discussion groups, practice with sight singing, etc.  Students registered for private lessons receive 15 50-minute lessons in the fall and spring semesters and ten 50-minute lessons during the summer semester.

3. What technology requirements are needed?

Students must have internet access and an email address.  For private lessons, a webcam or phone camera is necessary.  Many classes use Zoom, YouTube, and Google Drive links to disseminate course information.  Not all of our students are technological wizards and we're happy to help guide you through the use of any unfamiliar components.

4. How do students get access to the lectures?

In the group courses, students are sent links to that week's lecture on Monday morning and have until Sunday evening to view the lecture and submit any assignments.

5. Are the lectures live or recorded?

The course lectures themselves are pre-recorded, allowing students the flexibility to watch them at a convenient time.  However, most of the courses also offer live components, such as discussions, study groups, and online singing sessions.

6. How do students receive homework assignments and how much time should be allotted?


7. How long do students have access to the class material?

Students will have access to all the lectures from their course for one year following registration.  They can also choose to save course handouts and assignments to create a permanent resource.

Additional questions?  Chat with us online or email for more information.

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