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  • Vocal Technique

  • Structural Analysis- Taking the difficulty out of learning

  • Tips and tricks to learning

  • Proper diction through phrase-by-phrase coaching

  • Basic Musical Notation, or an elective from the list below


Elective Seminars

(seminars are self-guided and prerecorded, and can be purchased for $90 each)

  • Basic Musical Notation I - Rhythmic values (whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second, and various dotted notes), pitch identification (treble and bass clefs)

  • Basic Musical Notation II - Simple and compound time signatures, rhythmic patterns, sharps/flats/naturals

  • Chant Basics - Fundamentals of reading and singing Gregorian chant.

  • Gregorian Modes - Learn how to identify and utilize the church modes in Gregorian chant.

  • Church Documents Pertaining to Sacred Music - Explore the Church's official guidance on sacred music through texts including the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Sing to the Lord, Tra le sollecitudini, and more.

Exsultet: Self-Guided Brush-Up

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