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“Organ Literature" will be taught by Brendan Conner.  The purpose of this course is to introduce a wide variety of organ repertoire through varioushistorical periods. The focus will be on organ repertoire from the 17th century through today.Aspects of performance such as style, ornamentation, and registration will be focused on aswell, with special attention given to registration on smaller instruments. It is a goal of this courseto introduce both the pillars of the repertoire, as well as lesser known examples. Accessible, yethigh quality repertoire will be introduced, to hopefully aid students in the selection of voluntariesfor church services. 


Students who choose to audit the course will receive all lectures but cannot participate in live course discussions or receive instructor feedback on their work.  Auditing a course does not satisfy SMIA certification track requirements.


Audit Only: Organ Literature

  • Access to email, YouTube, and Zoom required.  No prerequisite educational requirements.  Purchase constitutes registration for the course; no refunds are permitted.

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    All registrations and sales are final.  Sacred Music Institute of America reserves the right to substitute another instructor, if necessary.  Refunds will only be issued if a course is cancelled by the Institute.

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