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The Promise Ring - A Ring to Remember and to Promise

I knot my handkerchief or, rather my finger!

Have you ever been determined to keep something in mind? We have all looked for a way to "guide" our memory and ensure that it is kept in mind something important that absolutely do not want to forget.

To accomplish this, we employ tricks. The most common method is to tie knots on objects that we are always keeping before our eyes.

This is an ancient custom to remember a commitment made or a promise made either to someone else or to ourselves.

The Japanese also have a tradition of tying red threads onto the fingers of their hands. This is based on an old Chinese legend. Every one of us was born with an imaginary red thread, which is indestructible that is tied to our little left finger, binding us inextricably to our soulmate.

This is also where the practice of tying a small red string around your finger comes from and ties the act to an idea... of understanding and commitment or revenge?

Who hasn't heard: "I'll tie it on my finger!" as a way to express the desire to never forget the hurts suffered? The sweeter significance of the promise ring that has always been the ideal gift for lovers.

A promise ring to say important things

The step from the knot, to keep the promise, to the ring, to make it secure, is a short.

Tradition is full of humorous and romantic stories relating to the promise ring. It can be a sign of fidelity, commitment, monogamy, or chastity. However, it could also be a tangible representation of friendship between two individuals or of affection for a mother towards a child, or of loving a parent with a filial heart.

There are also those who make a pledge to themselves that they will remain clean and shrewd and reaffirm that promise by wearing a ring every day.

It could be used as a tiny motivation to reach the goal, or as to commemorate an important occasion. In most cases, however the most frequently used significance is the promise of fidelity and love between two lovers.

In the past, it was believed that the vein connected to the heart travelled through the ring finger; the vein called the vena amoris. So, just like the engagement ring the "promise ring" that reminds and reaffirms affection and bond throughout the day, is commonly worn on the left finger. There are a variety of ways to wear the ring. It can be worn on the index finger as a promise ring, on the little finger or even slipped through a favorite necklace.


The latest fashion trends suggest that you can seal your promises with a promise ring by engraving words or phrases with deep symbolic meanings and significance on the outside of the ring.

Personalizing the message can be a challenge in imagination and creativity as well as commitment... a way to make our gift individual and unique.


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