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The First Note

The Sacred Music Institute of America caters to the individual needs of the student.

Students have the opportunity for applied study in:

~Organ lessons

~Voice lessons

~Individual courses

~Directed study in sacred music topics


~Music Theory 1

~Music Theory 2

~Music Theory 3

~History of Sacred Music

~Choral Conducting and Vocal Pedagogy


~Three Levels of Gregorian Chant

~Organ Literature

~Choral Literature

~Organ Improvisation

Sacred Music Topics, Skills and Mentoring

~Philosophy of Church Music and Sacred Music Documents 

~Liturgical Music Resources and Planning

~Understanding Denominations

~Accessible Choral and Organ Music

~Children's Choir


~Conducting from the Organ Console

~Score Reading

~Adaptation of a Piano Accompaniment


~Gregorian and English Chant (Roman Catholic or other interested students)

~Handbells (Protestant or other interested students)

~Interpersonal Skills

Organ and Voice Lessons

~25-minute lessons 

~50-minute lessons

Due to the number of skills needing to be mastered, all adult students must take 50-minute organ lessons.

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