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Emily Lapisardi is Director of Musical Activities for Most Holy Trinity Catholic Chapel at the United States Military Academy (West Point, NewYork), where she serves as organist for all Catholic liturgies, including numerous weddings and funerals; directs the Catholic Cadet and Family choirs on post and for touring appearances; plans all Catholic liturgical music; coordinates the chapel's Cadet Pocket Orchestra and guest musicians; and regularly performs as a recitalist on the Cadet Chapel organ (the largest church organ in the world).
Emily holds a master's degree in Sacred Music from Duquesne University and a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance from West Virginia University, where she was named WVU Foundation Outstanding Senior and Honors College J. and C. Nath Outstanding Senior in Research and received the university's nomination for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. She attended several opera training programs in the United States and Europe, helped to found the period music program at Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, and holds a certificate of Catholic Liturgy from the University of Notre Dame's STEP program.
As a musicologist, she has presented at national and international conferences, published several articles, and received the Communal Studies Association's research fellowship for her work on the hymnody of the Harmony Society. 

Music Theory/History of Sacred Music


*Winter Registration Begins Monday, January 13, 2020

Music Theory 1

Online Presenter: Emily Lapisardi

*This 10-week course provides an overview of the foundational components of music including notation, intervals, key signatures, harmonic analysis and realization, and figured bass. Students will have access to 10 weekly lectures on the course material. They will also receive individual feedback from the instructor on tests and quizzes and may contact the instructor as needed by email, phone, or Skype.

Start date: February 24, 2020; Holy Week break April 5-12

Cost: $750

Music Theory 2

Online Presenter: Emily Lapisardi

*This 10-week course builds upon the fundamental skills and concepts explored in Theory 1. Topics include: harmonic analysis, seventh chords, harmonization of melodies, transposition, modulation to closely related keys, non-harmonic tones, modes and neumes, basics of counterpoint and musical forms. Students will have access to 10 weekly video lectures on the course material. They will also receive individual feedback from the instructor on tests and quizzes and may contact the instructor as needed by email, phone, or Skype.


Start date: February 24, 2020; Holy Week break April 5-12

Cost: $750

Applied Lessons





Sacred Music Topics, Skills, and Mentoring

For more specific information, please see our Professional Certifications page or Sacred Skills and Mentoring page. 

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