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History of Sacred Music

Course Description

The History of Sacred Music course provides a survey of the historical role of music in worship from its roots in the Old Testament to the present day.  Landmark repertoire will be explored within the framework of turning-points in ecclesiastical history.  While the class will focus primarily on Christian music in the western world, cross-cultural influences will also be explored.  This is a ten week course comprised of weekly lectures, readings, and music listening assignments; students are also required to participate in a minimum of 3 online discussions and will be evaluated through midterm and final examinations.

Beyond the Notes:

A Trilogy Class on Putting Sacred Music in Action

Course Description

This three-part class provides guidance to sacred musicians on the extra-musical skills needed to thrive professionally.​​

  1. Sacred Music Resources and Planning: Selecting and scheduling appropriate music for the entire liturgical year

  2. Understanding Denominations: An overview of musical traditions and needs among various Christian denominations

  3. Interpersonal Skills: Working with clergy, staff, and volunteers

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